10 Month Baby Update

Month ten is definitely turning into my favorite month. I probably say that for every month but this month she’s really coming into herself. All she does is talk, mostly gibberish, but there’s words in there also. She’s trying to stand and walk at every opportunity which is giving me mini heart attacks every day but it’s great seeing her try. She’s trying a lot more different foods, most of which end up on the floor, but she’s getting really good at feeding herself finger foods. Toast will always be her favorite I think and anything that’s a puff. All and all she’s becoming very independent, which is just amazing to see.


  • Is saying a lot more words. Dada and Nana are her favorite.
  • Is getting closer to taking her first few steps unassisted.
  • Starting to share food and her toys.
  • Had her first soft play experience and loved it.

Weight & Clothes Size

Emily still fits into some 6-9 month clothing and is starting to fill out 9-12 clothing. I think 9-12 will be a size she’ll be in for a while. As for weight, she hasn’t been weighed in the last month so I’m guessing around 21-22 pounds.

Sleeping Schedule

Sleep is honestly different everyday now. Since Christmas time, we’ve had a few colds, bad teething days and just generally refusing to nap or sleep some days. For the most part, it’s been good. Two short naps during the day and sleeps 10-11 hours at night. She does wake at least once or twice though, either for her dummy or because she’s restless.

What She Enjoys

  • Saying dada repeatedly (Still has not said mama yet!)
  • Scaling every bit of furniture in the house.
  • Crawling to places she knows she’s not allowed near.
  • Ella’s kitchen strawberry and banana puffs.

What She Doesn’t Enjoy

  • Being told no (Not that she listens to me or daddy)
  • Being only given 4 strawberry puffs. She’d eat a whole bag if I let her.
  • Being saved from potential harmful situations (She’s a daredevil)
  • Anyone not paying attention to her (This is going to be in every update)


That’s it for Emily’s 10 month update. Still can’t believe how fast my baby is growing. Check back next month for her 11 month update (:

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