11 Month Baby Update

Just when I think Emily can possibly not get any cuter or funnier she does. This month has brought us lots of laughs and smiles thanks to her every day antics. She is such a character, and she always has been, but lately it’s shining through more and more. She makes everyone laugh and smile with just the little things that she does or says which just warms my heart. Emily is quite an independent little girl, so much now that she’s wanting to try and walk everywhere by herself. She uses everything and anything as a prop to help her get around the house. We’ve had a few falls and a few bumps but she’s taking it like a trooper. I’ve come to realise these last couple of months that my main job as her mother now is to keep her alive because she really is
getting into EVERYTHING! The more dangerous looking, the more exciting for her. She especially loves trying to touch anything hot.


Can stand by herself for more than 10 seconds. Walking is definitely imminent. Emily uses anything and everything as a walker. She is mad to tear off. She is babbling a whole lot more and saying actual words.  Her two top teeth have finally cut, which means she now has four teeth in total.  Teething is definitely a slow process with her and she definitely feels every bit of pain once they’re cutting but she’s been taking it like a champ bar the occasional bad sleepless night.  Waving at people is her new favorite thing and playing hide and seek with her daddy. So, she’s definitely becoming more playful and more interactive which is fantastic to see.

Weight & Clothes Size

I haven’t had her weighed in quite some time, so I actually don’t know her specific weight. I know that she’s growing though because she’s starting to fit properly into her 9-12 month clothes. 6-9 definitely need to be put away now. My baby is getting so big so fast.

Sleeping Schedule

Thanks to her teeth, her sleep has been all over the place. It hasn’t been terrible, she usually goes down for two 1 hour naps a day and then sleeps 10 hours at night. The past couple of days though naps have been dodgy and it’s a lot harder to get her down at night. She just wants to be comforted by me or daddy and doesn’t want to be alone. She eventually gives in, it just takes a while to settle her when she’s fussy over her teeth.

What She Enjoys

As I mentioned earlier, Emily is really enjoying playing games now. She loves to play hide and seek and a peek a boo. Unfortunately for me, her favourite word is still Daddy and she says it in multiple different ways at least twenty times a day with the biggest smile on her face. She loves the snow, which if you’re living in Ireland or the UK, you know we had quite a lot of it last week. I did not think she would love it as much as she did, it was definitely a big thing for her this month. She loves our dog, Eevee. She’s constantly swinging out of her and Eevee seems to love it. Watching them interact is the cutest thing in the world. And lastly, she loves chewing on anything she’s not supposed to chew on. My phone, the remote, fingers, you name it.

What She Does Not Enjoy

Being told no or any kind of discipline. She’ll look at you with the more devilish smile and continue you to do what you told her not to do. She hates when you take the remote or anything she’s not supposed to be chewing on off her. It’s become her favourite teething toy, which she keeps managing to find every time we hide it. She also does not enjoy plastic bags or big bags been rustled. It scares the hell out of her, which I find really odd, but it genuinely upset her to the point of tears.

That’s it for Emily’s 11 month update. I can’t believe I’ll be doing her 12 month update next! How do I have a toddler already?! Thanks for reading. 



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