It’s a… BOY!

I don’t know why I’m so shocked really. There was always a 50% chance that it was going to be a boy but I just convinced myself it was a girl. The emotion that I felt when he told us was just overwhelming, in a good way of course. I’m so happy to be having one of each but I would have been happy either way. As long as baby is healthy and growing that’s the main thing.

The reason why I think I’m so shocked that I’m having a boy is because I have always pictured myself raising girls. Now that I know that this baby is definitely a boy, I’m going to have to change that image in my head. That is already happening though. I’m already cooing at baby boy clothes, looking up names and thinking of the relationship Emily and baby boy are going to have. Is she going to be the big protective sister? or will they both just be thick as thieves causing mischief together since there’s only going to be 15 months between them? I’m sure I’m going to be in trouble either way.

Our private gender scan was done in New Road Clinic on John Street. After numerous people telling me how wonderful it is there, we decided to go and we definitely did not leave disappointed. Baby boy flashed his bits in an instant which left plenty of time for the doctor to check other things. It wasn’t an anomaly scan but he did point out things that he noticed. When we did ask a question about his measurements, how he was looking in general etc, he was more than happy to answer which left us feeling great about the overall experience. He also showed us baby boy in 3D which was just the cherry on top of the cake. I would highly recommend New Road Clinic for anyone who’s looking to have a gender scan. It was such a pleasant experience and it was reasonably priced at 100.

It’s a simple waiting game now that we know the gender. Only 20 more weeks to go and he’ll be here with us. I know it’s going to fly so I’m going to try and really enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. Until then, expect lots of future updates on him and me and how everything is progressing. Thanks for reading. 



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