My Baby Shower

The day started off with me being murdered for being early. Normally, I’m never on time, but for some strange reason I was ready and out the door on that particular day. The girls weren’t expecting me early as they know me quite well, so while they finished setting up, I sat at the bar with my mother and my nephew.

When it was time to go into the room, I was completely blown away by everything. Everything was so well thought out and the attention to detail was beautiful. I’m a sucker for keepsakes and literally everything there I could put inside baby boys memory box.

It was very evident that a lot of time and effort went into everything and I’m forever grateful to my amazing friends for throwing me such a lovely shower.

The day was everything I hoped for. It was so nice to just have downtime with my friends and family, eat nice food and play loads of games. As this is most likely 100% my last pregnancy, it definitely lived up to every expectation that I had for my last ever baby shower. So, thank you so much to my friends and to my mother for always providing a venue and finger food for whatever party I want to have.

Baby boy was so spoiled. I got so much for him that I had to invest in another wardrobe. So many beautiful Summer outfits that I can’t wait to dress him up in. I always forgot how crazy people can get when it comes to buying stuff for babies and my baby boy was no exception, so thank you everybody for all the wonderful gifts we received. I’m forever grateful.

Only four more weeks until my due date. We all can’t wait to meet you baby J x

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